Sunday, 5 December 2010

May I Design

Yesterday Mr Postman delivered a HUGE box to my door and I couldn't wiat to get it open because I knew these pretties were inside.
They are hand painted by a very talented lady called Meg. You can find her on Facebook, just search for May I Design and she also has a website ... www.mayidesign.co.uk but it's not up and running yet.
Meg is happy to paint any design for you on either wine glasses, champagne flutes or tumblers.
Here is a close up of the button & cupcake designs ...

The button tumblers are all mine and the cupcake wine glasses are for my mom because she fell in love with them when she saw them but she will have to wait for santa to deliver them before she can use them.

Please visit Meg, you won't be disappointed.
She is closed for christmas orders but she does have some buy it now items available.



  1. They are beautiful! I will definitely treat myself to a wine glass at some point!

  2. Oh wow, these are so, so pretty, and the loveliest idea!